Saturday, April 16, 2011

Claritan My First BzzAgent Campaign.

I had the wonderful privilege of finding another site that offers products for people to try and then review the products for them. The name of the site is BzzAgent and they have several different campaigns going on right now. You can check out their site and sign up for any campaigns that might interest you.

Go here to check out BzzAgent.

I am so excited that BzzAgent sent me Claritan to sample. My kids suffer from allergies several times a year, but especially in the springtime. My 3 year old has had it the worst this year. I am so glad there is a medicine that is approved for 2 year olds and up. It as been so hard to find anything over-the-counter that can treat a 3 year old. The doctor had suggested Benadryl in the past, but I didn't like that it only worked up to 6 hours and that it made her sleepy. I received the grape chewable Claritan for Children, and right away started giving it to my daughter. I was really impressed that the meds last 24 hrs and that it has a non-drowsy formula. She had her first dose and I could immediately tell it was helping her, she had decreased sneezing and coughing, and the best part is the meds didn't slow her down. I am so glad to find a medicine that is affective for my 3 year old. It is a much better alternative to the prescription medicines the pediatrician wanted to put her on. (It had several serious side affects.)

Once again I am a BzzAgent member so they sent me the product and coupons for free to sample their product. This is my honest opinion on how it affected my family.


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