Monday, May 2, 2011

Pizza Hut BookIt Program

I am so excited that Pizza Hut is doing the Book It program for homeschoolers again this year. Last year I was able to get my 6 year old 6 coupons for her own personal pan pizza when she read during the month. The program is free to join and is for K-6. Enrollment for 2011 ends on Sept 1 or first come basis.

Go here to register for your Book It kit.


  1. I loved it when I was a kid and places had coupons like this. I read so much it was insane!
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  2. I used to do all this stuff when I was a was such a kick!

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  4. I never heard about these things when I was a kid - we did do the library summer reading program though. Maybe I'll see if they would like to do a bookfair and we can donate the books to the school of their choice. It's a thought.

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  5. I did book it when I was in school! Good they still do it =)
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  6. I've gotten them for my daughter but we haven't gone.

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